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4 janvier 2010

Getting a compressed file of everything modified in subversion since N

The web team makes much more modifications on webpages that we do on our code. Therefore they needed to release the JSP files much more often than us. The attached script make a compressed files of all the JSP modified on subversion from a given date (typically the last release). You will have to make some modification to make it work, mostly where there is "myProjectName". The packageJsp.sh script is more something to get inspired from, to get all SVN modification from a given date.

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31 juillet 2009

Eclipse plugins for java

My favorite plugins for Eclipse : M2Eclipse for maven, Spring IDE, Subclipse for Subversion, Jadclipse to decompile classes, Java source helper and Properties Editor.

My very short list

M2Eclipse for maven

Resolves the project dependencies with maven, displays the tree of dependencies (why X.jar is returned), makes it easy to add a dependency to the pom by parsing the repository... Also provides a decoration label to display the current version of a project.


Spring IDE

Autocompletion for classes, properties name and validation.


Subclipse for subversion

Subversion options with a synchronizing feature as a bonus : it prevents unfortunate commits to be done. Also "override and update" is useful.

http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x or http://subclipse.tigris.org/servlets/ProjectProcess?pageID=p4wYuA

Jadclipse for jad

Opens .class files with jad instead of the annoying "no source found".


Jora for Oracle

Avoids having a greedy Toad opened and provides much better and quicker auto completion (tables, fields). It has less features than toad but it is enough for my use and make the features accessible more easily (SQL History, oracle functions).

http://jora.luenasoft.de/updatesite or http://jora.luenasoft.de

More Unit

Decorates classes that have tests and make you switch from the class to its test in one shortcut (Ctrl+J). I just wish there were also a shortcut to run the test even when we are on the tested class.

http://moreunit.sourceforge.net/org.moreunit.updatesite or http://moreunit.sourceforge.net/

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2 février 2009

How to merge branches with tortoise

It is easier to use Kdiff to merge files. Some options should be added to do so.

In Tortoise > Settings, put the following parameters :

kdiff3.exe %base %mine %theirs -o %merged --L1 Base --L2 Mine --L3 Theirs

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