In a nutshell

  • Note : 15/20
  • Should you read it : 10 years ago, yes. Now, it is a little bit too late. A 4th edition has been published in 2006 though, but I haven't read it.

My review

A great book about Java for beginners and more experienced programmers. Easy to read and exhaustive! The only drawback is that the book now obsolete, it is all about java 1.4... Yet, some of it is still true, so this is still a reference somehow, totally worth looking at it, if not worth buying it.

Yet, if you're looking for a reference book to know about Java in deep, you may want to read SCJP books instead.

Where can you get it?

Bruce Eckel allows people to download it for free, so why not giving it a glance?

The 4th edition is on Amazon (~30 € to 53 €).

The SCJP Book is at a very affordable price on Amazon and I learnt a lot reading it. It really saved me time afterwards, instead of trying stuff. You can get the book there for 33 €.