In a nutshell

  • Note : 18/20
  • Should you read it : oh yeah.

Why did I read it ?

I bought it, in 2006, when I wanted so hard to know more about design patterns.

At the beginning, as a good student. I made the exercices carefully. Then I opened it from times to times to fly over it. I am still not sure now that I read all of it, but I am less Big Design Up Front that I used to me. Still remembering having a great time reading it though.

My review

Head First Design Patterns really is a great book about design patterns. It won't cover all of them but if it is covered, you really get why the pattern is useful thanks to a very funny usecase. There is plenty of exercices / games to make you really get it.

Talks between the padawan and the master makes you think and indirectly give answers to the questions you may have. The book is very educational, in a pleasant way. This is more a course that a reference book about design patterns.

If you like comics, you can only appreciate it.

Where can you get it ?

In english

En français